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Chancery Court, Clerk and Master


Perry County was part of the 21st Judicial District along with Williamson, Hickman, and Lewis. Judge Michael E. Spitzer presided over matters in Perry, Hickman, and Lewis.  Beginning September 1, 2022, Perry, Hickman and Lewis became the 32nd Judicial District.

Local Rules for the 21st Judicial District

Download the Local Rules for the 21st Judicial District:


Chancery Court Fees for Perry County

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Perry County Clerk and Master

Charlene Duplessis, Clerk and Master, with Paula Treadwell, AssistantCharlene Duplessis, Clerk and Master, seated
and Paula Treadwell, Assistant, standing
The Perry County Clerk and Master is Charlene Duplessis. The Clerk and Master is appointed by the District Circuit Judges to a six-year term. The Clerk and Master serves as the Clerk for the Chancery and Probate Courts and Master in appropriate proceedings.

The Chancery Court is established by the Constitution of the State of Tennessee and has exclusive jurisdiction over certain cases and others concurrently with Circuit Court. The Clerk is responsible for various matters that include divorces, child support, probate matters, and the collection of delinquent property taxes.

The Clerk maintains the court records, attends court, invest funds under the Clerk’s control, keep rule and execution dockets, enter the minutes of the court, file and enter all documents in Chancery and Probate, and perform all other duties required by law.

Copies of orders or other documents filed in a Chancery or Probate matter may be obtained from the Clerk and Master’s Office unless confidential or under seal.

The Clerk and Master is responsible for the following types of civil and probate matters*:

  • Divorce
  • Domestic relation matters (i.e. Paternity, Legitimation, Modification of Parenting Plans)
  • Child Support
  • Contempt
  • Adoptions, Termination of Parental Rights, and Surrenders
  • Conservatorships and Guardianships
  • Name Changes
  • Real Estate
  • Partition Suites
  • Damages
  • Contract/Debt
  • Foreign Judgments
  • Minor Settlements
  • Specific Performance
  • Torts
  • Delinquent Property Tax Collection
  • Probate of Testate and Intestate Estates (with will or without a will)

(* This may not be a complete list of matters filed in Chancery or Probate Courts.)

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If you have any questions, you may contact the Clerk and Master's Office at (931) 589-2217 or FAX (931) 589-6369.
Perry County Circuit Court Clerk:
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Perry County Chancery Court Clerk & Master:
121 Main St., Linden TN 37096
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Perry County Sheriff's Office:
582 Bethel Rd., Linden TN 37096
(931) 589-8803

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