Judicial and Legal System of Perry County Tennessee

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Judicial System and the Law

If you're charged with a crime in the State of Tennessee, your case will most likely begin in the General Sessions Court. There are limited circumstances under which a case will begin at the grand jury level, but the first court appearance in most criminal cases is in General Sessions Court. Everything from driving on a revoked license to criminal homicide is heard by the General Sessions Judge.

If you've committed a crime in Perry County, you will become a resident and guest of Perry County, no matter where you were arrested. Our Sheriff's office has done an outstanding job, serving the community, not only by providing jail services, but community activity that includes everything from chopping wood to providing a vocational training program to help inmates from returning to the system again.

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Courts of Perry County

Find Your Way Through the Courts

As a roadmap through the Courts, we are offering several articles thought to be most relevant to the typical reader who is not a lawyer.


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Courts of Perry County

Perry County Courthouse
121 E. Main St.
P.O. Box 16
Linden, TN 37096

(931) 589-2216 - Mayor's Office

Perry County Sheriff's Office

582 Bethel Rd.
Linden TN 37096

(931) 589-8803 - Sheriff's Office and Jail


Perry County Sheriff's Office and Jail

Court Responsibilities

Law and Order of Perry County Tennessee

General Sessions Court, presided by Judge Katerina V. Moore, hears both civil and criminal cases. Judge Moore also served as juvenile judge. Civil jurisdiction is restricted to specific monetary limits and types of actions. Criminal jurisdiction is limited to preliminary hearings in felony cases and misdemeanor trials in which a defendant waives the right to a grand jury investigation and trial by jury in Circuit or Criminal Court.

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Perry County Courthouse:
121 Main St., Linden TN 37096
(931) 589-2218


Perry County Sheriff's Office:
582 Bethel Rd., Linden TN 37096
(931) 589-8803

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