Linden Municipal Court

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Linden Municipal Court

Municipal Courts may also be called City Courts or Town Courts. Municipal Court jurisdiction varies from city to city, including the levels of fines and incarceration a particular Municipal Court can impose.

Municipal Courts generally handle most municipal ordinance violations and certain types of criminal cases. Some Municipal Courts have jurisdiction over some municipal ordinances that mirror state criminal laws, including driving without a license, reckless driving, and underage alcohol offenses. Other Municipal Courts do not have jurisdiction over municipal ordinances that mirror certain violations of state law, if a General Sessions Court has jurisdiction over the case.

Some Municipal Courts have General Sessions Court jurisdiction within the limits of their municipality.

Municipal Courts may handle juvenile traffic violations if jurisdiction is waived by a juvenile judge. The cities of Bristol and Johnson City have established their own local Juvenile Courts, separate from the county system.

Perry County Courthouse:
121 Main St., Linden TN 37096
(931) 589-2218


Perry County Sheriff's Office:
582 Bethel Rd., Linden TN 37096
(931) 589-8803

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